Brigadier Nadir Mir (R), SI (M) ndc, afwc, fsc (T), psc, qsl



Soldier, Scholar, Reformer …

Brigadier Nadir Mir (R) is a graduate of Armour School, Fort Knox USA, Army Staff College Quetta, Turkish War Academy Istanbul, War College and National Defence College Islamabad. For his school and college education, he attended the prestigious Karachi and Quetta Grammar Schools, St. Anthony’s High School, Aitcheson College and FC College Lahore.


Soldier — No compromise.

Brigadier Nadir Mir specializes in National Security, Geo-Strategy and Middle East Security subjects. His military education at Turkish Army Staff College Istanbul and unique military experience of Saudi Peninsula brings forth a pragmatic strategic perspective. Pakistan’s strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia/GCC/Turkey is among his proposed Geo-Strategy for Pakistan.



Since Farewell to Arms, Brigadier Nadir Mir is contributing to Pakistan’s National Cause and National Security. Author of the famous book, ‘Gwadar on the Global Chessboard’ (published 2010), he is the pioneer and moving spirit of ‘Gwadar Concept’. He has contributed to Gwadar at National and International level. Present CPEC/Gwadar Project is inspired from his book, ‘Gwadar on the Global Chessboard’, which is the globally acclaimed book on Gwadar. Brigadier Nadir also introduced the Geo-Economic Concept of Pakistan synergizing with China, Central Asia and Russia. His second book, ‘Geopolitik Pakistan’ is Pakistan’s Weltanschauung or World View (published 2013). He has introduced the subject of Geopolitics in Pakistan as related to the contemporary world. Pakistan’s Weltanschauung or World View is the abiding theme rather than foreign imported concepts and ideas. Punjab University Lahore published its book (2014) ‘South Asia and the World’, which includes Brigadier Nadir Mir’s chapter titled ‘Geopolitics and South Asia’. As a writer, his articles have been published in Pravda ru (Moscow), EU Times, China Daily, Nation Pakistan, Windows to Russia and other think tanks. He is a guest speaker on Strategic, National and International affairs in universities and centers of learning. His articles, interviews are available on Google and he frequently participates in TV Talk Shows. Brigadier Nadir Mir (R) was the participant invited from Pakistan by the International Institute of Strategic Studies (London) for its prime annual Gulf / Middle East Security Summit in Bahrain, Manama 2015. He projected Pakistan’s cause and convinced the participants that Pakistan was the New Gulf Player at Gwadar and could contribute to Middle East Peace.



While always a Soldier at heart and Scholar by mind, Nadir Mir has progressed to the role of National Reformer. In his view, Pakistan is facing internal political turmoil and external enhanced Indian Threats. Pakistan needs a Politico, Economic, Socio, and Cultural Reform to emerge as a United, Prosperous and Secure Nation. Nadir Mir has launched Pakistan National Reform Movement. This is not a political party but a Nationalist (Pro Pakistan) and Reformist (Pro People) Movement. Its aim is to Unite Pakistan, Defend Pakistan and Reform Pakistan. As a Reformer, Nadir Mir preaches Reforming the Elitist System in Pakistan and Defeating the Indian threats which are both internal and external.