Gwadar On the Global Chessboard

Gwadar is our National Treasure

My first book, "Gwadar on the Global Chessboard" was published by Ferozsons in 2010. People asked me, is Gwadar in Pakistan? Are you Baloch?

in 2012, the book and presentation was given to Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his present cabinet, at that time the opposition. The book has become the moving spirit of Gwadar and CPEC.

“People asked me, is Gwadar in Pakistan? Are you Baloch?”

Today, Gwadar is developing despite terrorists onslaught and Indian opposition. Gwadar is the Game Changer and Future of Pakistan. Now PNR Movement will support the Gwadar National Project which will change the destiny of Baluchistan and all of Pakistan. It will bring tremendous prosperity and enhance National Security. PNR Movement aim to Unite Pakistan, Defend Pakistan, Reform Pakistan is spreading to Gwadar and Baluchistan